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Apache HTACCESS Fájl

Kategória: Webes
Ismertető: Configuration file used by an Apache Web server that
provides instructions for different directories of a website; "htaccess"
is short for HTTP access, which is the protocol used for transmitting
Web pages.

The .htaccess file can used to perform several important functions such as:

* Define the index page of a directory (i.e. "index.html" or
* Specify the 404 (Page not found) error page
* Perform 301 or 302 page redirects
* Deny access from specific IP address or other websites
* Restrict access to certain directories and pages
* Execute MOD_REWRITE instructions

The .htaccess file is always named ".htaccess" and does not include a
filename before the dot; it is placed in the root directory of a website
and is processed by the Web server each time a Web page is accessed.

The Apache .htaccess Tutorial
<> includes
additional information about how and when to use .htaccess files.