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IPF fájl kiterjesztés

OS/2 Help Fájl

Kategória: Szöveges
Ismertető: Contains help documentation for IBM OS/2 or AIX
systems; similar to a .HLP </extension/hlp> file in Windows; IPF files
are referenced by the Information Presentation Facility system on OS/2
systems; help documentation may include hyperlinks that allow the user
to jump from one topic to another.

The IPF format originated from the Generalized Markup Language developed
by IBM; may be compiled into a viewable HLP file using the IPF Compiler

IPF fájl kiterjesztés

SMS Installer Script

Kategória: Futtatható
Ismertető: Installer script used by Microsoft System Management
Server (SMS); streamlines the installation process and offers the
ability to install additional features on demand, automatically repair
programs, and uninstall programs; included with Windows 2000 and Systems
Management Server (SMS) 2.0.

SMS can also be used to deploy Windows Installer Setup packages (.MSI
</extension/msi> files) to multiple computers at once.

IPF fájl kiterjesztés

Interchangeable Preservation Fájl

Kategória: Lemez
Ismertető: Preservation format used to preserve the content of
Amiga floppy disks; formatted similarly to the .IFF </extension/iff>
(Interchangeable File Format) used on Amiga systems; developed by the
Software Preservation Society (SPS) as a means of saving and archiving
Amiga games and programs that are no longer developed.

The IPF format was designed for use with the Commodore Amiga, but can be
used with Atari and PC files as well; may contain disk images, ROM
files, or any other type of digital media.