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Runscanner Scan Fájl

Kategória: Szöveges
Ismertető: Contains information collected in a system scan
performed by Runscanner, a startup and hijack analyzer utility; lists
running programs, autostart locations, drivers, services, and hijack
points found during the scan.

RUN files can be shared among users (via e-mail, online forums, etc.) to
help locate malicious processes; an expert can mark items in a RUN file
that need to be fixed and send the edited RUN file back to the user.

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Rune Map Fájl

Kategória: Játék
Ismertető: Level map for Rune, a 3D action game that uses a
third-person perspective and is based on Norse mythology and high
fantasy; contains map information but does not include textures or music

Rune map files can be created and edited using RunEd, a map editor based
on the UnrealEd editor for Unreal 3D.

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Linux Executable File

Kategória: Futtatható